Born and raised in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario, I grew up having a strong appreciation for architecture and well designed spaces. From the hustle and bustle of growing up in a big city, contrasted with the simplicity found in summers spent at my family cottage in Prince Edward Island, my upbringing laid the foundation for a lifelong love affair with the beauty that can be found in bricks, nature, and creative design.

After attending Dalhousie University for Community Design and Urban Planning, I returned to my hometown to pursue a Bachelor of Interior Design from Algonquin College. Despite the strong roots I’ve built in Ottawa, I’m excited to enter into the next stage of life where I can start fresh with a blank canvas. I can’t wait to see new places, meet new people and start building my career in a brand new medium.

The thing I like most about crafting beautiful interiors is that these spaces become a part of people’s lives.

I was able to finance my education through working part time in restaurants and, not only was I able to hone my social skills and constantly converse with interesting people, but I learned how the walls of a dining room become so much more than a place where people eat. This is where friends gather, where couples share special moments, where memories are made. An interior designer’s challenge is to set the stage for those moments, whether it be a restaurant, home or office building, it is our job to make these spaces come alive.

Crafting beautiful, intuitive places for those special moments to happen is my true passion and first love.